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About Us

Ajeeka is a garden fresh, raw condiment made from premium red bell peppers, garlic and hot chili peppers.

It's handmade, one batch at a time, and is never cooked or heated. The bright, fresh flavor of Ajeeka is entirely unique, highly versatile, and serves to bring out the natural flavors of the foods it's paired with.

Ajeeka makes fine cheeses come alive, lends an ocean-fresh sweetness to seafoods and gives meats a hearty, pleasant spice. Ajeeka can be used as-is with countless dishes, including cheeses, soups, chilis, pasta, eggs and sandwiches; but it also acts as a powerful flavor catalyst in stir-fries, marinades, sauces, dips and many other recipes.

Low in calories and carbs, and with no fat, Ajeeka is bursting with nutrition—25% of your daily value of vitamin C in just one tablespoon! Because Ajeeka is made fresh and raw, the vegetables in it are at their most nutritious, loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folate, lycopene and heart-healthy capsaicin. Ajeeka is laboratory tested to be gluten-free, making it ideal for those on restricted diets. It turns bland dishes into mouth-watering, colorful treats, making limited diets more enjoyable easier to stick to.

"I just finished a 1 year, 70lb. weight loss and lifestyle change. It's great to have a flavorful and healthy option to finish a dish. Excellent product"
Jabin, Traverse City, MI


Ajeeka traces its roots to the Caucasus region in the country of Georgia, where adjika, a spicy pepper paste, is used to coat meats before grilling. Our Ajeeka is more closely related to a modern Ukrainian variant, however, which evolved into a fresh, colorful condiment meant to accompany a wide variety of foods. The Ajeeka we provide today comes from a recipe handed down by generations of Ukrainian ancestors, bringing delicious Eastern European flavor to the Western world.

Try Ajeeka original and medium hot today!

About GT Food Specialties

GT Food Specialties, LLC, is a family-owned manufacturer of artisan, fresh-pack, refrigerated condiments. We use only premium, fresh vegetables and manufacture under rigorous quality and safety standards, producing condiments that are unique, delicious and highly nutritious. We are located in Traverse City, MI, a region popular for its wines and gourmet foods. Our products are sold by select high-quality retailers throughout Michigan, and nationally online. Please feel free to email us with questions, comments or recipe suggestions.