"I absolutely love the stuff!"
Leslie, Grand Haven, MI

You know the dream. You’re the hero in the kitchen. You’re in your dream kitchen. Your family and friends are all around you and applauding. People love your cooking. “Your food tastes so fresh” they say. “It tastes gourmet! And why are they constantly throwing compliments your way? Because you have a secret ingredient. Ajeeka.

There are no tomatoes in Ajeeka. Just red bell peppers, garlic, and chili pepper. All raw. Never heated or cooked. We make it fresh, and then immediately chill it, so you get the bright fresh flavor and full nutrition from the premium vegetables we use to make Ajeeka. Kept refrigerated, it can last for months.
And the flavor! The perfect combination of piquant red bell peppers, garlic, and chili peppers. And the garlic! The garlic we use was originally brought to America from Italy in the 1950’s. This variety, in addition to being certified pesticide-free, is noted for its sweetness and smooth flavor.

"Our family uses it on everything!"
Kathie, Muskegon, MI

And a little goes a long way. Only a third of a teaspoon on a cheese and cracker will be a new and exciting cheese experience. And if you have family members who like it a little spicy, Ajeeka Medium Hot is the one for them. So instead of just a hot sauce, or sriracha sauce from a bottle, they’re getting a raw fresh condiment, that’s giving them lots of flavor and lots of nutrition. You can also think of Ajeeka as a garlic sauce, or chili sauce. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for shrimp recipes, or even a simple cocktail sauce for shrimp. Ajeeka Medium Hot is the new, nutritious hot sauce, with more flavor than any bottled hot sauce.
Look, we’re all trying to eat healthier, and we are happy when our families are eating healthy food. Clearly, Ajeeka is a “super healthy” condiment. With only 5 calories per serving and 25% Vitamin C it’s a powerhouse of raw vegetable goodness. So let the compliments start to flow your way. Be the new hero in the kitchen. Just add a little Ajeeka, and feel the love.

Ajeeka red pepper and garlic condiment
Order Ajeeka online or find it at these fine stores:
Oleson's Foods West (Traverse City, MI)
Oleson's Foods East (Traverse City, MI)
Evergreen Market (Williamsburg, MI)
Miller's Produce (Manistee, MI)
Northern Bear Country Store (Elmira, MI)

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