"I absolutely love the stuff!"
Leslie, Grand Haven, MI

Ajeeka is a delicious condiment made from the highest quality red bell peppers, garlic and hot chili peppers. It's absolutely packed with flavor and goes well with a wide variety of foods. It comes in the Original mild version, or Medium Hot, for the hot sauce and sriracha sauce fan. Many regard our Medium Hot Ajeeka as the true gourmet sriracha, because it gives both spice AND amazing flavor. This is the freshest pepper garlic sauce that you will ever taste!

We use only premium grade peppers and garlic to make Ajeeka. It's made and packaged raw in Traverse City, Michigan, batch by individual batch, and immediately chilled. Ajeeka is never cooked or heated. It is an artisan, handmade food, made to stringent quality standards.

"Our family uses it on everything!"
Kathie, Muskegon, MI

One serving of Ajeeka packs a significant amount of vitamins C and A, plus B6, capsaicin, folate and lycopene. It's gluten-free, raw and vegan-friendly. It's incredibly versatile, giving a flavorful gourmet touch to stir fries, eggs, sauces, pasta dishes, hamburgers, hot dogs, cheeses and so much more—all at just five calories per serving.

Ajeeka red pepper and garlic condiment
Order Ajeeka online or find it at these fine stores:
Oleson's Foods West (Traverse City, MI)
Oleson's Foods East (Traverse City, MI)
Evergreen Market (Williamsburg, MI)
Miller's Produce (Manistee, MI)
Northern Bear Country Store (Elmira, MI)

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